BalanceHIRO® Powerful!

Early childhood reflexes shape life

BalanceHIRO® Powerful!

Early childhood reflexes shape life

Powerful! through BalanceHIRO® – Reflexes shape life

In this course, I present four exercises that I have assigned Greek letters to. Translated into Latin letters, the word HIRO is formed. This acronym stands for “Human Integrated Reflex Organization.” To establish the right and important connection to my work, I have prefixed the term with the word “Balance.”

In line with the book, I have developed a course that I regularly teach in Münster/Westfalia. In it, I introduce exercises that serve to integrate early childhood reflexes retrospectively.


through everyday life


rest in the midpoint


Early childhood reflexes shape life

Helps integrate reflexes

Symptoms such as poor posture, tension headaches, nighttime teeth grinding, back pain, or the feeling of constantly being tense indicate early childhood reflexes that are not fully integrated.

Early childhood reflexes, such as the grasping or searching and sucking reflex, ensure an infant’s survival and are active for a certain period. However, if these reflexes remain active in residual reactions beyond their intended duration, we observe unconscious motor movements in people: clumsy behavior, poor body posture, constant head tilting to the right or left, and communication problems can result – and last a lifetime.

Confronting often unconscious behavior related to early childhood reflexes requires great efforts that lead to constant strain on the body. But not only the body is under tension; emotional well-being also suffers from these stresses.

Residual reactions of early childhood reflexes do not disappear by themselves.

Reduce stress, counteract postural problems, reduce learning problems

Our interpersonal relationships are built on perception. And perception is impaired by motor residual reactions of insufficiently integrated reflexes. However, through the BalanceHIRO® exercises, existing reflexes can be integrated retrospectively – this also works in adulthood.

The better early childhood reflexes are integrated, the more relaxed people become. The result: personal well-being and quality of life increase.

Brings calm, serenity and well-being

For all reflexes, I explain how to determine which reflex is still persistent from the first year of life up to adulthood. I highlight specific behavioral patterns using examples. In this way, course participants understand why certain reactions occur in people and develop an understanding of many behaviors.

Recognition is one aspect – experiencing how to help comes with the exercises from the BalanceHIRO® program.

Learning objective of my course

In my experience, clients have tools at their disposal by the end of the two-day course that can help them positively change their perception and well-being.

Well-integrated early childhood reflexes are recognizable by the body being “in balance,” meaning it has a centering posture. To teach as many people as possible this centering posture, I have developed another course in which I train trainers who pass on this knowledge. Core aspects of this training are exemplified in my course “Powerful! Reflexes shape life.”

Only when thinking and acting from the center do we need the least amount of energy to do and achieve something in our lives.