The centering – reflex integration to improve physical posture problems.

1st information Expert event meeting on centering in Münster

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Impressions of the 1st symposium on reflex integration in Münster 2020:

Welcome – Joachim Kamphausens


Lecture: Reflex integration for a centered posture (Bärbel Hölscher)

Lecture: The body in balance – centering also for mind and soul

Bit(e) to the centered posture | Burkhard Lenz

Centering (Bärbel Hölscher)

The first cervical vertebra – Leading the way for centering (Jörg Röll)

The eye in the tornado – centering in the storm of hormones Prof. Dr. Stute

Balance – Source and Goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) | Dr. Hans-Josef Neufeld

More interesting knowledge…

… about early childhood reflexes, as well as concrete exercises for subsequent integration and centering can be found in my course BalanceHIRO®.