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Vulture neck and hollow back
Do not test or trigger reflexes

Do you know the feeling of being out of balance? It often starts with small physical niggles that can develop over time into pronounced postural defects such as a vulture neck, hump or hollow back. The body itself has never learned to be centered and thus optimally aligned. It is in a permanent compensation of its weak points, the bad posture is forced further and further.

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Reflex integration to solve physical posture problems

Many people suffer from attention deficits and concentration disorders as well as the consequences of poor posture. In her book, kinesiologist Bärbel Hölscher shows what these can result from, namely from a lack of integration of early childhood reflexes in the first years of life. This often results in harmful bad postures and performance deficits.

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Reflexes shape life

In this book, I present 25 early childhood reflexes and describe in detail the impact they have on all of our later life if not integrated in time.

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