LEAP program

“The stomach digests food, the brain information and experience.”
– Alfred Schatz

Every mental activity is like a “symphony of thoughts and/or actions.” Comparable to the interplay of instruments in an orchestra, the output of each brain module must occur in precise temporal coordination. Due to stress, the synchronized timing of brain activities can be lost. This lack of synchronization can occur situationally or permanently, as in learning or partial performance disorders.

LEAP is a specialized program for optimizing learning and performance in all areas. It was developed by Dr. Charles Krebs, a natural scientist from Melbourne, in collaboration with clinical psychologists and neurologists. The internally progressing learning program enables stress-induced blockages in the brain to be resolved using acupressure points, thus maintaining integrated brain functions.

From the perspective of LEAP, learning and decision-making processes require three things:

  • access to the necessary brain functions
  • the ability to integrate these brain functions
  • maintaining the integration of these functions even under varying stress loads

If access to specific brain functions is blocked or if the connection between the functions is interrupted, this inevitably leads to specific deficits. Limitations in functional and learning ability become noticeable.

The goal of LEAP is to make the various functions of the brain accessible to the individual, integrate them, and maintain this integration even under stress conditions. The LEAP program is a holistic method and supports the development of a calm and centered personality.

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Since 2000, I have been working as a professional kinesiologist with a focus on the brain. My clients benefit from my many years of experience and the well-balanced repertoire of methods I offer. The results are calmness and serenity.

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