Bärbel Hölscher

  • Born in 1957
  • Degree in Business Administration, then as a graduate merchant in a
 middle class business.
  • Since 1993, training in kinesiology with ongoing training, etc. by Dr. Charles
     Krebs, Hugo Tobar, Ian Stubbings and Alfred Schatz, Freiburg and Wayne Topping
  • HPT – Naturopaths permission to psychotherapy
  • Kinesiology practice with emphasis on stress reduction, and the tutorial LEAP
by Dr. Charles Krebs, Reflex Integration and Neuro Energetic Kinesiology by Hugo
  • Nutrition counseling based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), trained by
Barbara Temelie, Munchen
  • Since Nov. 2010 Professional Kinesiologist with emphasized on the brain.
  • Development of the course “reflexes shape the life”
Bärbel Hoelscher

If you think the way you have always thought,
then you will act in the Sway
as you have always acted.
If you act the way you have always acted,
you will
bring what you have always effected.

Albert Einstein